⁉️What we'll do
We do a roundtable meeting. We pick a new topic monthly.
Our Outline;
•The 1st half hour will be a meet and greet (sometimes we play a game to make it easy for people to interact).
•We spend the next half hour in presentation mode. We hunt for a speaker on a particular marketing topic. Once we find one that we think would be great we ask them to take out some time to help us get to know a topic a little better. We always make time for a Q & A at the end of this.
•We round it out the experience with ½ Open floor Dialogue (to dig into what people are working on, wanting, dealing with).
•The last 15 minutes is a goodbye and fly (it is the place to exchange pleasantries and talk about future connecting).

⁉️ Questions? We're happy to answer them all. We want to provide help & knowledge. Feel Free to ask us. 💭We need and want ideas for future topics. Don't be shy. Share your Topics, Ideas & Questions.

We are always looking for speakers. This is a friendly inviting collaborative space.

Our goal is to develop an IRL (In Real Life) meeting space for marketers and those aspiring to manage their own digital media.

What to bring
Bring your fabulous self, a computer/note taking device if inclined.

✨Important to know; We're friendly and we love what we do. We hope to inspire and support. Let's share the journey.