The Business Development Book Club (BDBC) meetings are the last Monday of each month. We come together to discuss our readings and share insights and information. These meetings are also an opportunity to get to know like-minded people just like you!

We believe that sharing and teaching others about our readings help solidify the learning process. It also lets us explore other people's learning and takeaways so we can challenge ourselves and grow.

We meet in a quiet, private setting so we can discuss without interruption.

Meetups are limited to 8 ppl max.

You are not required to read the same book as others. If you have another book you are reading and want to discuss, please bring it along! Some of us do try to read the same books at the same time, however, you are encouraged to read what you feel is the right fit for you. All we ask is that you listen to others discuss their books and learning, and you bring yours to talk about! Other's are guaranteed to enjoy hearing about your book and possibly want to read it themselves!