An opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs, exchange ideas, get feedback, solve problems, etc.

As well, it's a chance to explore the Victopia Co-Working Space, our gracious event hosts.

The event space is a modern well-lit boardroom, with internet and a large display monitor. The event is limited to 12 RSVPs, and how many actually show up is never known but it tends to be 60%.


1 - Introductions

Let everyone know a little about yourself and your venture.

2 - Open discussion

Introductions tend to flow into discussions, and that's how it goes!

Efforts are made to give everyone a chance to chime-in, and topics are changed when the time is right. In any case, being an active participant is the best way to participate. The good thing is most topics apply to everyone in one way or another; there's always a common thread!

Keep in mind this is a general business group, so topics should be about related concepts: starting up, communications, marketing, scaling, staffing etc. In any case, FYI, many members are tech-oriented and technology is part of doing business, so conversations do quickly lean into tech realm.


• Yourself-and-your-introduction
• A business problem to solve (optional)
• Some work to show-off (optional)
• A tablet or laptop (ideally)